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Villa in Alcoy S and P

Villa in Alcoy S and P

In this family home located in Alcoy we take care of the project and installation of:

Air conditioning system using a Mitsubishi-Electric heat pump with indoor units in each room, ducts and linear diffusers integrated into ceilings.

Mitsubishi-Electric Heat Pump aerothermal system that produces hot water for underfloor heating and for domestic hot water for consumption.

Zenhder heat recovery ventilation system that provides energy savings, humidity control, well-being and air quality through renewal and filtering.

Underfloor heating system with zoned control by room.

Ventilation system for the basement garage.

Filtering system, salt chlorination and pool water treatment, Net'&Clean cleaning system.

Water filtration and softening installation for home service water.

Domestic hot and cold water pipe network, sanitation network.