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Preventive maintenance

Our scheduled preventive maintenance service is arranged through agreements between the parties and it includes checking different cooling, heating, ventilation and related systems and equipment. Our experts use Smartphone and tablet mobile devices and computer technology to manage the preventive services requested. Photographs, files, plans, diagrams, service check-list, everything in the palm of your hand to provide a top quality service.

Don’t worry about the systems and devices you have installed, rely on our Preventive Maintenance Service under contract, with planned work orders and according to what has been agreed on. When the times comes we will let you know and we will come to your home or business to carry out the corresponding inspections on all the systems and devices in line with the standards established by each manufacturer and the applicable regulations in force to guarantee the optimum performance, correct combustion, consumption and cleanness of the components.

Don’t let your systems lose their value. Not servicing and maintaining them increases the amount of energy consumed to run them and the likelihood of having faults and malfunctions when you most need them to work.