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Geothermal-Ground source heat pump ico

Renewable energy

Geothermal-Ground source heat pump

It is possible to make the most of the energy from the ground to extract the cold or heat using a water-water or water-air Heat Pump, along with a heat exchanger to transfer it to the air conditioning, heating, domestic hot water and swimming pool water heating system of your choice. The geothermal energy output is 100% in the summer and the winter, because the temperature underground is constant from 25 to 100 metres deep. The underground heat exchanger works by putting pipes in various wells or various closed loop systems of pipes buried at a certain depth. The machinery is inside, ventilation, grilles or spaces outside are not required, which means that the system is invisible from an architectural point of view. This type of system is ideal for very cold or very hot climates due to its high output in domestic uses and industrial processes and it can heat and cool simultaneously, for example in the summer it provides air conditioning in rooms and it heats up the water in the swimming pool or the domestic hot water free of charge.