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Villa en Benissa Dels Co

Villa en Benissa Dels Co

In this house located in Racó de Galeno in Benissa with spectacular views of the bay of Calpe we are in charge of the project and installation of:

Aerothermal heat pump system for the production of hot and cold water that supplies the air conditioning system.

Independent aerothermal system for the production of domestic hot water.

Invisible air conditioning system using underfloor heating for hot and cold.

Temperature and humidity control system with delocalized dehumidifiers that, through time probes and Zehnder electronic management, maintain the recommended humidity conditions.

Zehnder heat recovery ventilation system to maintain indoor air quality and energy savings.

Home automation system through a comprehensive application programmed to measure to meet the needs raised by the end customer and that provides quality of life and control of the home from the mobile phone, tablet or terminals per room of the lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, stores, doors, pool, waterfall, irrigation and electrical consumption.

Filtration system for infinity pool, infinity pool.