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Having a pleasant living space at home favours happiness and working in optimum surroundings increases productivity. At HILARIO we can create comfortable, clean and healthy environments.

Let us help you attain this!!!

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All the services you need at home; your new house or apartment, alterations, preventive maintenance, damage or faults, repair work and/or technical assistance from the best professionals.


We put our experience and the efficiency of our professionals at your service to help you create comfortable work environments in your business. Offices, studios, shops, clinics, academies, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, factories, real estate developers...

We have more than 50 years of experience behind us.

We are part of the SCI group.


It has been proved that the quality of the air that we breathe has a significant effect on our health. In normal conditions the air inside our homes, work, study or recreational places is of an inferior quality than the air outdoors due to the paint, cleaning products, dampness from electrical household appliances, bathrooms and the CO2 that we exhale.

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